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Vital Foods (Pvt) Ltd is an ISO 22000:2005 certified organization which emerged as highly professional food group and entered in the market with vision to sertve high quality product based on swift services and vowed commitment. Vital Foods (Pvt) Ltd is completely processing units where state of art machinery, professional management, team of dedicated foods scientists and engineers remain engaged in injecting fullest efforts to justify the quality, price and service which our esteemed customers demands. Our this project is extended on 15 acres of the land and located in very heart of Punjab (Nankana Sahib), the area well renowned for the production of excellent quality basmati rices.

Vital Foods (Pvt) Ltd owns production capacity of 10 Metric Tons/Hour through its two certified processing units in the same hygienic premises. Our strong financial muscles and sizeable storage facilities always proved us steadfast in our sealed commitments and counteracted any market volatility in pricing. We maintain very high level of hygiene both at premises and personnel level in order to produce very safe and wholesome product. We have installed latest machinery at our plant which not only ensures the quality processing but also strongly impacts to squeeze our costing too.


After successful completion and prosperity of Pak Grain Rice Mills, we have launched Vital Foods (Pvt) Ltd. Our new unit is equipped with facilities which process the commodity start of paddy to packing. Vital Foods (Pvt) Ltd is also ISO 9001-2015 certified subsidiary of Pak Grain Rice Mills having production capacity of 10 Metric Ton/Hour and storage facility of 30,000 tons of Rice and and 80,000 tons of paddy. Paddy is well stored in Silos which are imported from GSI (USA) having capacity of 25,000 tons and rest is stored on well aerated Paddy plinths after significant reduction of moisture from grain in order to enhance its shelf life. Minerals fetched by the Himalayan water nourish the rice crop of this area to the perfection of its aroma and beauty.
Vital Foods (Pvt) Ltd procures the paddy from its surrounding agriculture forms in order to ensure our customer that all product packed and exported to them hails purely from Kallar area of the Punjab. As we are located in the very center of Punjab reason which we procure paddy directly from the farmers as well as nearby grain markets on competitive pricing and transfer the same benefit to our esteemed customers.

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